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Auto Body FAQs

Here are some of the frequently asked questions (FAQs) that our customer often wonder about. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call us today!

How long will the repairs take?

The repair time details typically depend on the extent of damage to the vehicle. Our team will begin working to produce an auto repair estimate and contact you within 24-48 hours of the vehicle drop-off to discuss the repair details with you.

What parts will you use?

We want your vehicle to run just the way you are used to. Our team will assess the make or model of your vehicle and will repair any damages with parts certified by your manufacturer.

How do you match the new paint to my original color?

Our auto painting team typically uses paint codes from the manufacturer that have been placed on your vehicle. Premier Collision employs the most state-of-the-art paint-matching computer technology to match your vehicle’s original paint.

Do you detail the car when the repairs are complete?

As our team does with each repair, we will detail your vehicle and return it to you with a freshly washed exterior and a vacuumed clean interior.

What if I am not happy with the repairs?

Everything that we do at Premier Collision is with our customer’s satisfaction in mind. We back all our work with a lifetime guarantee and our team will be on call for you should a problem or issue with the repair arise. Our team will work for you until we make it right!

Why does my vehicle need a quarter-tank of gas when I bring it in?

A quarter tank of gas ensures that our team can relocate your vehicle to various repair stations at our shop and test drive it to assess its performance.

Why do I need to remove my personal belongings?

Because your vehicle may undergo disassembly, painting and other tests, it is best to take your belongings to ensure that you have them during the repair time.

Can I just bring my car in so you can pre-order the parts?

After a collision, vehicles typically suffer internal damage that can only be identified after disassembly, and pre-ordered parts based on an initial visual estimate may not cover everything. However, minor damage such as headlights, or mirrors, customers may stop by our shop to pre-order those parts. Pre-ordered parts typically arrive within 48 hours.

Can I drop off my vehicle on a Saturday? Can you give me a courtesy ride home?

To serve our customers, Premier Collision is open Saturdays from 8am-1pm. Please contact our team to schedule a drop-off or get more information about a courtesy ride home after you drop off your vehicle.

Can you deliver my car when the repairs are complete?

Please contact one of our team experts in advance to see if we’ll be able to deliver your car after its repairs are completed.

I’m going on vacation. Can my car stay there while I’m gone?

Our technicians will be able to discuss any extended time your car may need while you are away.

Will you give out my email address to other companies?

No, your contact information is used by our team to communicate your vehicle’s repairs and services with you only. We do not distribute your information.

What if I am not happy with the repairs?

Our customer’s satisfaction is our #1 priority, and all our work is backed by a lifetime guarantee. If anything causes you concern, please contact us immediately, and a lead technician will work through the issue until you are satisfied.

What is an authorized form?

Our authorization form permits our technicians to begin working repairs for your vehicle. If you have further questions about our authorization form, we will be able to answer them when you come in.

Who can sign the authorization form?

Anyone who is listed on your insurance policy can sign.

What if I can’t come in to sign the authorization form?

We will have the shop contact you to make arrangements.

What’s a drive-in estimate?

A drive-in estimate is a written estimate by a certified adjuster. These adjusters may be on-site at our shop, or drive-in estimates can be scheduled by contacting your insurance company.

I received a call from you. How did you get my information?

Premier Collision is associated with numerous insurance companies who provide us with claim information. Our team may follow up with you to provide you with repair information and any additional advice you may need.

Do you know how much it is going to cost?

Repair costs typically depend on the extent of vehicle damage. Our team may reach out to you within 48 hours with an estimate, while a walk-in estimate can have your estimate provided immediately.

How much is my deductible?

Your deductible will vary depending on your insurance policy. We recommend contacting your insurance provider for details. We would be more than happy to reach out to your insurance company on your behalf to get any information that you may need.

What if the damages are less than my deductible?

In this case, you would pay the amount due for the repairs, rather than the full amount of your deductible.

The accident wasn’t my fault. Why do I have to pay the deductible?

The insurance provider of the party who is at fault may reimburse you with the cost of the damages. However, you will still be required to pay your insurance deductible before you receive reimbursement.

When do I pay the repair center?

All payments are due once you arrive for pick-up — after your repairs are completed and reviewed in detail by you.

What forms of payment are accepted?

Premier Collision accepts cash, bank checks, money order, and major credit cards are accepted. We would be glad to discuss additional payment methods with you.

Can I get other damages on the car fixed even though they are not part of my claim?

Of course. Our technicians will be happy to discuss all repairs or improvements you wish to have for your vehicle when you reach out to us.

I have two claims. Will they both be fixed at once?

Yes, we will go over any claims you have when you arrive to drop off your vehicle. Your insurance provider will need to be contacted to determine whether you will need to pay two deductibles, however.

Do I have rental coverage?

Your insurance provider typically handles rental coverage, but our team can still set up a reservation for you when you make an appointment. You are free to decline the rental during drop off of your vehicle.

What if I do not have rental coverage on my policy?

Rental agencies may contact you directly with their rates. Customers of certain insurers may qualify for a rental discount even if they don’t have rental coverage.

I have no rental coverage. Can you give me a ride home?

Please call us to discuss a courtesy ride home after you drop off your vehicle.

How will I get to an Enterprise?

We would be glad to discuss transportation options and courtesy rides to rental agency locations.

Why do I have to put down a deposit on the rental?

Agencies such as Enterprise require a security deposit from every customer when they rent a vehicle. Customers typically need a major credit card, and to cover the deposit amount, which may range from $50 to $150 depending on the location. Contact us for more information.

What do I do with the rental car when I come to pick up my vehicle?

You can drop off your rental with us. Our team will take care of it for you.

I need a specific rental vehicle. Do I get a choice?

Rental agencies will call and discuss your rental options with you.

Will you give out my email address to other companies?

No, your email address and contact information are only used to improve our communication with you. We do not distribute your information.

How does car repair insurance work?

If your vehicle has been damaged, our technicians will be on call to help you drop off your vehicle at a nearby Premier Collision Center location. From the moment you arrive, our staff will inspect and document your car’s damages. Our team will then work side by side with your insurance provider to complete a free estimate. We will explain every step of the repair process to you before making repairs. Once the car repair estimate for your insurance is approved, we will get to work to put you back on the road safely and quickly.

Does car insurance cover repairs?

Auto insurance includes a full range of protection. As part of basic collision coverage, most insurance companies will pay to cover body damage that your vehicle has sustained. In some smaller repairs, our customers may decide they are better off paying out-of-pocket. We can provide free estimates so that you can decide what to do for minor repairs that might not meet your insurance deductible.

How long do car insurance repairs take?

The timetable for insurance claims processes can vary. But our staff has tremendous success working with New Jersey insurance companies to ensure appropriate and quick approvals. Once both you and your car insurance company approve the repairs, we will work to get you back on the road safely and quickly. For your free estimate, contact us today.


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