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Collision Repair Services

At Premier Collision Center, our trusted, certified technicians perform a variety of collision repair services. Learn more about our collision repair services today!

Auto Dent Removal

Even the most minor car dents can turn into costly problems over time if they spread through rust and corrosion. Luckily, we can avoid having our vehicles lose their aesthetic charm and value if we fix those dents and dings with the latest car dent repair tools.

Paintless Dent Repair

Many car owners suffer minor car dents to their vehicle. These dents may be treated without the worry of any paint restoration at all, depending on the depth and location of the damage.

Aluminum Repair

Aluminum is nothing new to the automotive world and has been used in the construction of car frames and engines for many years. However, aluminum has become a more popular material used in today’s vehicles due to its significantly lower weight, which can greatly increase fuel economy.

Bumper Repairs

If you have ever been in an accident, chances are your car’s bumpers played a critical role in absorbing the first contact during the collision. That’s why there is no substitute for properly installed bumpers that function as they were designed to protect you on the road.

Auto Painting Services

We all appreciate the way our car’s exterior shines when we first drive it off the dealership lot. Over time, the aesthetic of a vehicle can start to fade.

Windshield Repairs

During an accident or storm, your vehicle’s windshield can be cracked, broken or even shattered. But a chipped or cracked windshield is not a cosmetic blemish to ignore.

Fender Repairs

Fender damage is one of the most common types of body damage a vehicle can suffer. From parking lot fender benders to road collisions, automotive fender repair services can range from dent repair of small dents to full fender replacements.

Fender Repair in NJ

Auto Glass Repair

Your vehicle’s glass often goes unnoticed. But it is an important safety feature that protects you from the elements while enhancing road visibility. It’s easy to ignore small chips or cracks in your vehicle’s glass, especially when they are out of your driver’s eye view.

Auto Paint Repair

Car scratches are unavoidable for car owners. While you can sometimes ignore or not even notice the odd light scratch here and there, minor scratches can accumulate over time and diminish the value of your car.

Diagnostic Scanning in NJ

Diagnostic Scanning

Today’s vehicles come with many internal sensors that let their owners know if they are in need of a checkup. This technology can save us a great deal of time and thousands of dollars in repair work — alerting us to silent internal damage that could grow into growling or sputtering if left unchecked.


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